As much as I would like to start off by telling you all about the rich history, mythological background, and discovery of the magnolia, I can’t. There just isn’t one. The flower was discovered by one botanist, and named after another; a stuffy old Frenchman named Pierre Magnol. His accomplishments were many, and I’m sure […]

Caring for and Cultivating Magnolias

So you wanna grow magnolias? Well, let’s get serious then! You’ve come to the right place! If you already have magnolia trees on your property, or if you want to purchase them and cultivate, to grow your own, then read on. Caring for a Magnolia Tree A fully mature magnolia tree has few enemies, and […]

Medicinal Uses of Magnolias

Not only is the magnolia tree a symbol of the strength and beauty of the American south, it’s also been used as a traditional medicine for centuries. There have been, in comparison, fairly recent findings regarding the medicinal properties of magnolias, but before that, they had been used successfully in China for a variety of […]

Southern Magnolias

One of the best movies out there, period, is Steel Magnolias. The cast, characters, and story will make you laugh, cry, and you’ll feel better every time you see it, about life and death. It actually started off as a popular stage play that premiered in 1987. In the play, there’s only the six women, […]

Magnolia Trivia

Magnolias make quite a few appearances in pop culture, especially in the southern US. Most famous of these, is the film Steel Magnolias, –which is more fully discussed on another page. If you haven’t seen it, you should. For more magnolia trivia, keep reading. You’ll be a hit at your next garden party or picnic, […]

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