Medicinal Uses of Magnolias

Not only is the magnolia tree a symbol of the strength and beauty of the American south, it’s also been used as a traditional medicine for centuries. There have been, in comparison, fairly recent findings regarding the medicinal properties of magnolias, but before that, they had been used successfully in China for a variety of illnesses. Magnolias have existed on earth as a species for over 95 million years, so of course, at some point, someone noticed and decided to use the tree for something more than just decoration. The primary part of the tree used is the bark. Here are some of the most common medicinal uses:

  • Relief of cold symptoms, cutting down on coughs and mucous
  • Anxiety and stress; the magnolia bark has an effect on the function of cortisol, a chemical that the body uses to emotional balance
  • Upset stomach, stomach aches, including menstrual cramps and symptoms, like bloating and pain from trapped gas
  • Plaque build-up inhibited by the anti-bacterial properties
  • Weight loss; studies show that high cortisol levels may also effect weight gain, and magnolia bark’s properties balance out the body’s cortisol levels

Magnolia bark is also an antibacterial agent, has more antioxidants than Vitamin E, it’s an ati-fungal, and among other things, an aphrodisiac. Magnolia bark is practicallu a cure-all, and on top of all those properties and healing attributes, there are continuing studies that show it’s more beneficial than anyone thought. Apparently, magnolia bark can even be used to treat the dementia and memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease. As most know, Alzheimer’s is a terminal, incurable illness, and these breakthroughs are extremely important to the medical community.

So you might be wondering why magnolia isn’t more popular as a cure. Well, the main thing is, it’s still considered a “traditional medicine”, and unfortunately, that means it’s not mainstream. Mainstream medicine however, is definitely taking more of a backseat to traditional and herbal medicines, as healthcare becomes more expensive. Natural cures are coming back into style because mainstream medicine is too expensive, and magnolia bark is becoming more popular every day, as each new person experiences its healing capacity.

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